For years the local chapter of the Christian Businessmen’s Association (CBA) organized a “Men’s Prayer Breakfast” which developed into the “Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast”.  The last one was held on Good Friday in 1998 and after that the local chapter of the CBA discontinued.  For the next 3 years a Prayer Breakfast on Good Friday did not take place in Cedar Rapids. 

In 2002 a group of men from the Tuesday Morning Bible Study (they meet on Tuesday’s at Nelson’s Meat Market) with the help of Nina Swan-Kohler reorganized the “Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast”.  The Speaker was a local missionary, Tim Phillips with over 500 in attendance.  Billboard Bob helped with promotions via billboards, etc.  The next year the speaker was another local, NFL Hall of Fame Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner.  After several more years as the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast it was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry and became the “Good Friday Prayer Breakfast, Inc.”.  

The community has grown to enjoy this event as a meaningful way to begin the joy of Resurrection Sunday by celebrating what happened on that first Good Friday:  God’s son, Jesus paying the penalty for our sin by dying on the Cross!

The above is based on conversations over the years.  Please contact Billboard Bob at 319-560-2029 with any revisions.